Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Andrew is 4 years old

This super guy turned four today! He is the youngest in our family and is loved to pieces by his older siblings.

Andrew is bright both intellectually and in his personality. He definitely stands out. He is not shy and likes to make friends of any age.

To celebrate his birthday we rented an inflatable bounce house with water slide. When I asked  Andrew what he wanted to be when he grew up he told me a Merman, so to keep in the theme his party was decorated like the sea.

The kids played in the water slide for hours. We had the official 'little kids party' between 2-4 pm and then opened it up to every age after that. We had neighbors, good friends and family come over and play on the slide until 9 pm at night. 

He opened gift from friends and had two merman themed cakes. The first for the friends party, the second one for the family birthday party later that evening.

There is no doubt this kid is loved so much by so many family and friends.