Monday, July 1, 2019


The Rex Realestate team fireworks in American Fork are the largest fireworks in the state, at par with ant city fireworks, and a lot less crowded - although the word is spreading out and attendance grows every year.

The lineup one side of a High school football field with inflatables for the kids. We learned to get there on time so the kids would bet their time on them without big crowds.

The octopus and obstacle course were favorites of the three youngest.

While the kids were running around Emilia and Todd went to get dinner for everyone. Hot dogs, chips, and a variety of desserts. There was literally a car full from floor to ceiling bakery boxes filled with cookies and brownies.

Our friends the Witneys and Claudia's sister Cinthia joined us. We had a fun time learning to play the card game Dos, some what similar to Uno and watching the fireworks.