Monday, August 26, 2019

Back to School 2019

Summer break is over! The kids started school again. The continue to attend American Prepapatory Academy but Emilia is now at their secondary campus where Junior High and High School students go.

She has been selected to be in student council and enjoys planning activities for the students and getting to know everyone in her grade. She is surprised by how many people she doesn't know come up to talk to her. We recently had a conversation about what it means to be a leader. It is great that other people recognize you because of your role in the school, but it is even better if you learn to recognize them by name even though they are not serving in any special capacity at the school. Her goal has been to learn as many names of students as she can.

This opportunity has been fun for her although she loses her 4th period prep time, when she could be doing homework.

Emilia is also in volleyball at the school. She is improving her serve and hitting the ball across the net more consistently. It is not about technique but rather strength. I know with practice she will be able to do it more consistently.

Andrew began the Upstart online learning program. He is excelling and his motor skills are benefiting from it. He is now able to direct a computer mouse without problem and has improved the way he grasps a pencil.

He is super self motivated and has already memorized all of his upper and lower case letters. Our next goal is for him to finish learning all of his letter sounds and to write his name.

Stella got glasses right before school started. She is not excited about them at all and we had to make a rule that she wear them when she gets in the car to go to school until she gets in the car to come home. She lucked out and was has the best 2nd grade teacher in the whole school, at least according to me :)

Mrs Foster was Carson's 2nd grade teacher. She has been teaching at APA for a lot of years, and really knows her stuff. Plus when you meet her you can just tell how much she loves her students and wants them to succeed. I couldn't be more thrilled for Stella to have her.

Carson is a bright kid and breezes through his classes. So much so that he often 'forgets' to do his homework until the morning right before we leave for school ;)  The school we attend test students in their ready, spelling and math skills and places them in their appropriate classes. Carson continues to test and learn two grades above his age for both math and reading and is currently learning that curriculum.

I have different goals for every child, but overall they center around developing self motivation, study skills and a love for reading. I know we will get there!