Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crochet: Granny Square Flower Pillow

I recently came across a pattern for these wonderful flower crochet granny squares. I love the texture of the puff stitch used on the flower that makes it stand out from the cream colored background.  Wouldn't this look lovely in a nursery or girls room?

I used a larger hook for the flower and thinner yarn for the background so that the flower would pop.

To join the fabric to the crochet work:

- Simply fold the fabric to your desired size (in this case 16 x 16 inches) and iron a crease so that the fabric doesn't fray.

- With a sharp crochet hook, or sewing machine, add a blanket stitch around the fabric. My sewing machine was stolen a while back and I have not replaced it so I opted for the manual approach. I prefer to do it manually because I can space the stitches to match the granny square and have it line up correctly.

 - Use a coordinating color of crochet thread and a sharp crochet hook or needle, insert the hook into the fabric, and pull up a loop of the thread to the height of the edge of the blanket. Yarn over and pull through both loops on hook. Continue around your fabric until you have a stitched border to crochet into.

- Using yarn, join the crochet work with the fabric by inserting your hook into the blanket stitch, then your crochet work, yarn over and pull through.

- Continue on three sides, insert the pillow form and continue until you have a border around the entire pillow. You can then add a border if you'd like.