Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

 This has been the rainiest year on record for the state of Utah. It not only has been raining daily, but the temperatures are much cooler than average for the time of year. So, we've had to hold off hosting our traditional s'mores neighbors get-togethers because of it.

One good thing that has come of it is how lush and green the mountains are. The waterfalls are full of water and some of the hikes are still pleasant to do later in the morning. Such is the case with the Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge Hike in Draper.

We met our friends the Whitney's and the Funks at 9 am in the parking lot and began our 2 mile loop with a whole bunch of kids. This was my first hike of the season and I absolutely loved being outdoors! How I wish I could do it more often. Unfortunately Andrew is too young for strenuous hikes and too heavy to be carried, but the day will come when I'll be able to venture out on some more challenging treks.

The suspension bridge hangs from several heavy-duty steel cables. It is fun to jump or sway and see the entire bridge move. Fun for me, I should say. As you can see from the photo, Andrew didn't care to be on it. He was OK being held, but even happier getting off of it.

Afterward we group split up for a few hours and reunited in the evening for pizza, games, s'mores and fruit cups - our specialty.

Last Christmas I won some throwing knives at our company party. At the time I wonder what I would do with them. Todd decided to paint a target from plywood and rest it against a tree. It was the hit of the party and people are inviting themselves over to our house to try it out. Who knew?!