Thursday, May 30, 2019

SJ Summerfest - Rollercoasters

My kids love to attend the South Jordan Summerfest each year. They love to ride the roller coaster on Thursday $1 ticket day.

Since Stella has tumbling at 6pm, Todd took the other kids to it right as it opened. They got to ride on several things during that one hour.

Andrew got on them with trepidation. Some he liked, some he didn't.

The older kids went straight for their favorite ones.

Finally Cambria and Stella arrived and the entire group was able to ride the some all together. Unfortunately Andrew was starving and the lines were getting incredibly long, so I agreed to stay with Cambria and Stella for a little while longer, while the rest of the group headed home.

It wasn't much longer after they left that a lightning storm began and the rides had to shut down. We made it to the car just in time before the rain began pouring as well. The thunder was so loud that evening that the windows in our home rattled. I can't believe no one was hurt or damaged reported on the news from all of that lighting. It was a bit frightening to hear and watch.