Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Family Portraits

It's the time of year again to update our family pictures in preparation for Christmas cards. We have traditionally taken our photos in front of the Christmas tree, but the kids are getting too big to all fit in the traditional spot, plus I wanted a photo that I could display year-round without it looking seasonal.
I found a mural called Cents-of-Style in Bluffdale. It is on the side of a warehouse owned by a company by the same name. They use it to photograph their products but it is open to the public.

After falling asleep on the ride, Andrew would not have anything to do with getting his photo taken. It took a lot of coaxing and some bribing to get him to pose for two pictures (individual and family).

Fortunately for us Todd is a Photoshop wiz and was able to get us a photo that worked.

I love how the pictures of the kids truly reflect their personalities.

Emilia - responsible but likes to have fun

Carson - the cool one

Stella - funny and sweet

Andrew - determined and happy