Sunday, November 4, 2018

Emilia Lawn Birthday Sings

Emilia decided to secretly surprise her triplet friends by decorating her front yard, with the parent's permission.

We spent a couple of hours creating a unique sign for each of them and then that evening Todd, Emilia and I dressed all in black and snicked into their yard to placed the signs up on their lawn.

That evening after the kids had gone to bed, Todd and I were hanging out in our home office, which faces the street, when the girls walked outside to say goodbye to some guest. That is when they saw the signs.

It was fun to secretly peek out of the window and observe their excitement. They had no idea who had done it.

A couple of weeks later it was Claire's birthday so we made a lawn sign for her also and had the kids  place it in her  yard. I hear she loved hers also!