Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fall Volleyball

This fall I enrolled Carson and Emilia into rec volleyball. This was the first time Carson had played, and the second time for Emilia.

Volleyball is definitely a girls sport in the US, at least at this age. Carson was the only boy in his team and there were only two more boys across the other three teams in their age category.

Carson did all right. He struggle figuring out how to serve the ball, which is a big deal at the beginning. If you can serve it across the net, chances are the other team won't be able to return. Which means that you can win a game by simply having some good serves.

Toward the end of the season he was able to hit it with some consistency and score several points at each game.
Emilia and her cousin Lydia played together for the season. I really liked their coach. She worked hard not only to teach the girls how to play the sport but to build a team. She invited the girls over for pizza and a movie at her house and after the last game she celebrated the season with treats for all of the team in a reserved space at the rec center.

I think that her desire to develop a team really made a difference. Our girls weren't any more talented than the other teams we played against, but they were united. Most of the girls had never met each other before the season, but these informal encounters helped them get to know each other and therefore understand and communicate better during the games.

Emilia's team was undefeated the entire season. Go bananas!