Thursday, July 12, 2018

St George Vacation - Day 2

On our first official day of vacation we drove to Zion's National Park. The park was open to the public but only few areas were accessible due to landslides caused by flash floods the previous day. The rain storm that soaked our trailer completely wiped out trails and deposited debris and large boulders in area that required equipment for their removal.

Since the areas we wanted to visit were closed, we hiked the Watchman Trail instead. The weather was hot and humid and the damage from the flood was visible, especially along the Virgin River where its banks were still wet from the surge of water.

The hike was hard because Andrew did not want to walk so Todd and I took turns carrying him the entire way. At the top of the hike were beautiful top down views of the entire area.

The family made one more stop at the park. They hiked Weeping Rock while I stayed at the bottom of the trail by the stream with Andrew.

We were all exhausted on the ride back.  Andrew and I both fell asleep on the shuttle.

The rain began falling again on our way out. There were waterfall appearing in areas that normally don't have them.