Wednesday, July 11, 2018

St George Vacation - Day 1

Our vacation began with Carson waking up sick. Once in the car he felt worse and became car sick. Not fun!

We agree to meet Todd's family at a gas station right off the freeway in Provo where they had stop to pick up Scott.  As we were in the turn lane we noticed a red BMW sedan run a red light. He barely miss the first driver but collided with the second. The accident damage the young woman's car but surprisingly did no damage to the red sedan.

After a delayed start we drove without much incident to Cove Fort where we stopped for lunch and to tour the visitor center.

The kids go to see an old telegraph office and learn about the way pioneers lived in 1867 when the Hinkleys were charged by Brigham Young with managing a stop for travelers who made the trip between Salt Lake City and Saint George.

Our last leg of the trip our trailer was drenched by the rain storm that befell us when we reached Cedar City. Our vacation rental was in La Verkin, so we stopped in St George to buy food for the week before checking into the house.

It took what seemed like an eternity to settled on who was going to be sleeping in which room. We eventually claimed the master bedroom, while Kevin's family chose to have the upstairs bedroom and den. Todd's parents had one of the other bedroom and shared a bathroom with his three youngest sibling who were in an adjacent room.

Our bedroom had a bunk bed in it. As we were getting settled in the home we let the kids play on it. It was a mistake. Andrew fell from the top bunk and his tooth broke through the inside part of his bottom lip, barely missing going all the way through. There was blood on the floor, on his clothes, on the bed. It was a mess, but he was such a trooper. He let me clean his wound and accepted the ice pack I gave him without much complaining. At first I thought it was shock, but he stayed content the rest of the evening.

The photos don't do it justice. His upper lip was completely swollen. Poor little guy ;(