Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ward Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt

For the past month, my presidency and I have been planning our Ward's Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt.  Today, the day finally arrived!

Our centerpieces were containers of grass with plastic Easter eggs hidden among the blades and paper butterflies hovering on top. They turned out amazing and did not require a lot of work.

Two weeks ago Sara, one of my counselors got the dirt and seeds are planted. I took the containers and grew them for the past two weeks. I couldn't believe how fast the grass grew. In a matter of 10 days, the grass was getting so tall that it had begun tipping over from its own weight.

For the breakfast, we served parfait, oatmeal, breakfast casseroles, mini cinnamon rolls and pull apart monkey bread. We still had a lot of food left over by the end.

Teresa, my other counselor, gathered the kids and had a brief discussion with them about Easter. She then helped the kids with a craft depicting Christ's resurrected tumb.

We played a powerful video called "Because He Lives." Unfortunately, the sound was not very loud so many people did not even watch it. They kept on talking, which made it even more difficult for others to enjoy. There were no words, only music but it would have helped to have a quieter room. The kids were all sitting on the stage watching the video, so it was the adults who were being loud for a change.

After the video, we separated the kids into three age groups in the foyer for the Easter egg hunt. The youngest ones went first, followed by 4-7 years old and the 8+ group.

Every year, it seems I am either away or in charge of the Easter egg hunt and I never get to be, let alone take pictures of my kids hunting for eggs. This year, because it was held on a Saturday morning instead of having it in the afternoon, Todd was there to help out. So he was able to get some good photos of the kids.