Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Happenings

There were several things that happened throughout the month that I wanted to blog about. None of them, however, needed an entire blog post, so I am combining them all in one post.

First was Pi (π) day. On March 14th ( 03.14) we celebrate π by eating pie. So I made a chicken pot pie for dinner and had a chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert. Delicious!

The weather was rainy for most of the day but in the afternoon we had the most beautiful rainbow. Stella loved all of the puddles. After gymnastics, she put on her rain boots and walked through the parking lot looking for the biggest puddle to jump into. I love how kids can remind us to find joy even in the most inconvenient things.

Saint Patricks' day was a great day for the kids. We didn't get a chance to set traps out, but that didn't stop the leprechauns from coming over. Stella's scrambled eggs and milk turned green. Even the toilet water turned green after she cleaned it.

The apple juice in the fridge was green. They even got into mommy and Stella's make up. The lipstick and lotion were both green also.

For dinner, we had... Mexican food :) but added guacamole to make sure to stay in the theme.

On March 18th we celebrated my nephew Bennett's fifth birthday. He, Stella and Carson are buddies. He has been so excited for his birthday to come, and then so patient to wait to open presents until the family got together.

I asked the kids to make a silly face for me. They outdid themselves! I really dig Bennett's new Pikachu glasses. I might have to borrow them to shield my forehead from the sun.