Monday, March 26, 2018

Resurrection Rolls

For family home evening this week, we discussed the significance of Christ's resurrection in our lives both temporally and eternally.

The kids help make resurrection rolls for dessert. I tried it a couple of years back and they did not turn out as expected so this time I bought the freshest and largest marshmallows that were at the grocery store. They were twice the size of the standard 'large' marshmallows.

We set eight apart for our activity, the kids sample the rest. The ones we picked were dipped in melted butter and then a cinnamon and sugar mixture.  We then set them on crescent rolls dough and wrapped the dough around the marshmallow.They baked for 15 minutes.

After they were done we took them out of the oven and gave each of the kids one to eat. Stella was so disappointed that her marshmallow had disappeared. I guess she didn't get the point of the object lesson ;)

Just like Christ was placed in the tomb and was not there on the third day, the white marshmallow was placed in the crescent roll dough but was gone when we got it out of the oven.