Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stella's Family Birthday

At our house, we are not content with celebrating birthdays just once, we keep on going, and going and going.

Stella celebrated her birthday with friends on Saturday, with extended family on Sunday and then again on her birthday with her most immediate family.

It has become a tradition for us to host the February family dinner and to celebrate Stella's and Vicky's birthday.

Stella got to open some of her gifts from mom and dad. We got her a new Hello Kitty bike and a unicorn helmet. She has been riding it outside because of the warm winter we've had.

Grandma Humphries had a lot of help from Andrew in blowing her candle. Andrew loves to sing happy birthday and to blow birthday candles. He is just as excited for a birthday as the person whose birthday it is.

We have four people in the Humphries clan who celebrate their birthday in February. Stella, Vicky, and Shiree (who are in the photo) and Lucy who did NOT wish to have her picture taken.

On Stella's actual birthday we celebrated with dinner at Fuji, a hibachi restaurant near our home. We hadn't been there since last April, for Emilia's birthday and I didn't know how Andrew would react to the fire show.  He was scared of it but remained at the table sitting on Todd's lap and occasionally taking a peek at what was happening.

The other kids had a good time. The entire table sang Happy Birthday to Stella and she got to blow on the onion rings volcano.

Andrew has been especially hard on Stella's princess shoes. I am not sure who wears them more, him or her. Regardless, it was time for Stella to get some new ones.

She also got a pod that hangs from the ceiling in her bedroom. It came with an inflatable cushion. The kids all thought it was so much fun to pump air into it. They each had to take turns stepping on the pump.