Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's day is not a big deal for Todd and me, we prefer to go all out for our anniversary. But it is something we like to celebrate with the kids.

That evening they each got to open their valentines from mom and dad.
Carson has been asking me for some really spicy chips called Tokis. I found a box of 46 individually wrapped bags at Sam's Club so I gave him a bunch. He LOVED IT! Boys and food, go figure :)
He also received some smaller toys and some long track pants he can wear to soccer practice. They have been practicing outside because the weather has been so mild, but it is still a bit chilly to be wearing shorts.

Emilia got a shirt and some other smaller toys but her favorite gift was the clip on earrings. They had one in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, which she really liked.

Stella received treats and clothes as well as a small Puppy Daycare Friends Lego set, that she really liked.

Andrew just loved his bubble blower. He is always outside in the cold 'blowing bubbles'. But it is mostly him spilling bubble solution on his shoes or on the cement. The blower will ensure he actually gets to play with bubbles.

Todd received some nice golf shirts and I got a promissory note for a towel warmer.

Todd actually designed and used the Silhouette cutter to create my Valentine's card this year. It turned out great!

He also cut out hearts and had the kids write messages for me on them. Then they proceeded to hide them throughout the house. It was fun to come across them during Valentine's day.

It took me several more days to finally find them all. So I got to feel their love for more than just one day.

I love my family!