Friday, March 30, 2018

Phuket Friday March 30

We arrived into Phuket airport at 12:30 am from Guanzu, China. After going through immigration and customs we stopped at the airport to get a sim card for the Whitney's phone so that we would be able to communicate with them when we were separated.

We left the airport and walked to our Hotel The Luna Hostel located a block away.

We tried sleeping in but we could only sleep until 5am. We decided to get up and have breakfast. The hostel had bike available for guest to use which we took advantage of and went exploring.  We ended up at a beach inside of Sirinat National Park.

The beach goes right along the path that airplanes follow when landing in Phuket. We walked to the spot where planes clear the fence and watched several flights approach the jetway and land. They were right above us. It felt as if we could touch them if we reached out our hands.

Planes taking off begin their run near where we were standing. Their jets move so much air when they take off that they create a sandstorm on the beach. The sand hitting us hurt.

We left the beach, and headed to the airport where we caught a taxi mini bus to Karon Beach. The wait at the airport was  30 mins long, the ride was over an hour long.

On the way we were hit by a tropical rain storm. Moped drivers pulled over and sought refuge anywhere they could. The rain came out of nowhere and lasted about 20 mins. By the time we reached Patong Beach it was only a drizzle.

We got off at Karon beach and walked along the shops for a while. We decided to get some lunch at a restaurant across from the beach.

The food was OK, the service was terrible. The waiter brought us a soup we didn't order. When we asked the waiters, she told us that it came with our meal. Then they put soda on our table, which we hadn't ordered. We told them we didn't want it so they took it away.They ended up charging us for the soup because we ate it. Scammers that they were, they made me so mad that I left my first negative review on Trip Advisor.

After that we hiked all the way to the Karon viewpoint. There were a lot of tourists in mopeds zipping by us and the road had no shoulder for us to walk on.

We saw some traditional ‘gas stations’ stations or shacks with litre glass bottles filled with gasoline that drivers can buy to fill up their  vehicles.

We also saw an elephant riding camp, where tourists were petting the animals.

Halfway up the hike there was a police checkpoint. They were stopping all bike riders with bags and checking for drugs.  By the time we approached the checkpoint we saw a man offering a bribe to the police officer.

The view point was great, but it took us a few minutes for our red faced to return to regular color. We were glistening from sweat, my hair was damp, and stuck to my face. Needless to say we decided to look for a ride back down.

We found a tuk tuk that we bargained down to 200BHT ($6) and rode the long hike down in a matter of minutes.

Kata beach was gorgeous. The water crystal blue and warm. We walked along the entire beach right on the edge of the water letting the waves hit our legs. It was truly paradise.

We finally had to leave Kata/Karon and head back to the airport.

Transportation costs in Phuket are very high. It cost us 1,000 BTH ($31) to hire a taxi back.
Once back we headed to the airport where we caught our flight to Chiang Mai.