Thursday, June 22, 2017

Taylorsville Dayzz

Now that summer is here, many of the cities in the area are celebrating with their residents. The format is pretty similar every time we have attended one, although each city has different attractions and budgets.

At the beginning of June we went to South Jordan's celebration. It was fun and not very crowded. Taylorsville Dayzz, on the other hand, was incredibly busy. We met the Whitney's and decided to split up into an older and a younger group. Claudia and I took the three younger ones on the little kid's rides, whereas Todd and Jordan took the older ones to more adventurous rollercoasters.

 I knew Stella was going to love the rides. They were the same we did a few weeks back. This time I decided to include Andrew too. After going on one, he was hooked. In fact, he would stand on the gate that separated the ride from the public while we waited in line for our turn.  He even tried the Caterpillar. His face was that of concern at first but after going around once he was fine. He never cried.

The older kids rides were very popular. They had wait times of over 30 minutes. So, in the time the little ones did six rides, the older ones had only done two. Eventually, they decided to use their tickets on the merry-go-round but even that line had gotten busy as the evening went on.

In addition to rides, there was a stage where different dance groups performed.

We watch a group of oriental dances/belly dancers perform. The kids love the beat of the music and were very impressed by their ability to balance two swords on their heads while dancing.

A section of the park was set up with a larger stage and a projection screen. After dusk, the city played the new movie Beauty and the Beast. They even had Belle visit prior to the show.

The Utah Symphony performed with the Beatles. Everyone loved the music and the impersonators were really entertaining and talented. They even had a British accent when addressing the audience.

At the end of their performance, there was a firework show. We were sitting very close to where they were being launched. We could clearly see the boxes of fireworks sitting on the grass off to our left. Andrew was mesmerized and yet shaken by each explosion. He was ok with it once Todd held him on his lap.

It was a truly delightful evening!