Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad Ever!

Today we celebrated my husband for the wonderful job that he does being a father to our kids.  I couldn't have a better partner in fulfilling the sacred responsibility of raising righteous children.

He began his morning with breakfast in bed. Stella took him an omelet with toast and cantaloupe and a glass of milk.  There was enough food cooked for another meal so she joined him in bed with her own matching breakfast. It was fun to see the two spend time together. The other kids were all still in bed asleep at that point.

After everyone had breakfast the kids each gave Todd their gifts to him. They were all different card games. Later that morning they got to play the games. I am not sure there was a favorite since they were all so different.

Part of opening presents included a scavenger hunt through the house looking for clues to discover his large gift. He received a collapsible dump trailer that attaches to the back of the mower. It is perfect for transporting mulch, soil or kids around the yard.

The kids had fun searching for the gift and even more fun using the large box it came in to sleep that evening.

At church the kids made cards for their dad. I always love the answers they give to questions. Stella said Todd's favorite food was cereal, Emilia believes it is peas and potatoes and Carson thinks it is pancakes. It must be because those are the foods he most cooks at home most often.

After church, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and a s'more brownie dessert, before heading over to grandma and grandpa Humphries to celebrate father's day with them as well.

It was an eventful and truly enjoyable day for all!