Saturday, June 24, 2017

Daybreak Luau

On Saturday afternoon after we were all done with chores we headed to Daybreak for a Luau by the Lake.

I love all of the amenities the community offers and at one point Todd and I considered buying a home there, but unfortunately, it was under contract too quickly and in the end, I think we found something that worked much better for our family.

Daybreak has an artificial lake and beach. The kids love playing in the sand, and the grown-ups kayak or SUP (stand up paddleboard).

The event had a craft area for kids. Carson, Emilia and Stella enjoyed decorating their masks and getting lais and sunglasses from the volunteers.

I got talking with an elderly gentleman who was helping with the event. He told me all about his work selling Christmas trees in Massachusetts. It was quite interesting to hear the history of Christmas tree farms after WWII. According to him, after the war, there was an overproduction of crops in the US. The US government decided to pay farmers to not use their land. Farmers decided that instead of growing crops, they would grow trees during the years they were not allowed to use that land. And in a nutshell that's how Christmas tree farms came to be.

The Luau had a professional artist building a sand castle. His tools were common but very precise. He used a spray bottle, a trowel and paint brushes among other things.

One fun thing we got to do was ride in a Conference Bike. They are manufactured in Germany and can be rented locally. There is one person who steers the bike and can shift gears and break. The remaining six riders face the center and pedal to power the bike.

Andrew was too small to reach so he sat in the center cone during the ride. In our case the man who owns the bikes was the one driving it.

After our little adventure, we decided to pick up some dinner and take the kids to the park. While there we pursued one of our family's favorite past times: geocaching!

We found a micro cash placed by the city of South Jordan. It was easy and fun for the kids.