Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stake Riverwalk Carnival

This evening we attended the Stake Riverwalk Carnival. It is in its 4th year and every year it gets better and better.

The kids have some favorite things they enjoy doing: hayrides, cotton candy, paper rockets and the obstacle course. There are also new games introduced each year like swatting the pink beach balls (pigs) into the pen.

A definite hit with the kids was the giant bubble area. Stella and her friend Cambria had fun making the bubbles. Andrew and his friend Emily had a blast chasing and popping them on the other side.

The kids earn raffle tickets for participating in each of the games. They can enter the tickets into drawing for prizes.  Both Carson and Emilia's name were chosen and they got to pick a surprise gift bag. Carson won some silly string and candy. Emilia got a Num Num character and candy. They were both very happy with their gift.