Sunday, May 7, 2017

Emilia's Primary Talk: We are blessed when we choose the right

When we chose the right we are blessed. The choice doesn’t have to be big or important for the Lord to bless us. For example, on Friday while I was in school I saw three kids rush by me as I was walking back from the restroom to join my class, who was outside for recess.

The rule at school is to stay with your class. Two of the kids went into the empty classroom. The third one asked me if she should go into the classroom or outside for recess. I told her it was her decision, but that I was going outside to join my class.

As I headed outside, I saw Mrs. Lozano my teacher walk into the classroom to wait for the students to return from recess. She found the three kids who were hanging out unsupervised in class. As a result of their choice, they had to spend their next recess inside. 

 Because I followed the school rule, I was able to play outside with my friends for the second recess.

As we obey our parents, our teachers and the Lord’s commandments we become more the person the Lord wants us to be. The gospel of Jesus Christ shows us the way. 

As we submit ourselves to the will of the Lord we are blessed with peace and happiness.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.