Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Emilia's 10th birthday

She is 10! How did this ever happen? I have a child who has reached double-digits.

Last week we celebrated Emilia's birthday with family and then again with friends. She is such an outgoing and friendly girl that she makes friends with everyone she meets, which in turn makes for a growing list of friends to invite to her party. This year there were twenty-one kids total. I have to be honest, I am glad a few couldn't make it.

Emilia's birthday is the day after her paternal grandfather's so we hosted everyone at our house on Sunday for presents, cake, and ice-cream. In addition to our regular crew, the Funk kids who were staying with us while their parents were in France joined the celebration. 

Emilia requested a brownie cake with mint chocolate chip ice-cream on top. It was delicious. Great job Todd!

 The evening after her birthday we ate dinner at Fuji a hibachi grill near our house we discovered for Stella's birthday. Andrew was tired and we had to be ever vigilant with him roaming around because of the heat and flames so we didn't linger long.

For her birthday party she chose a geocaching theme, our favorite family past time. Now that the weather is warmer we have already found a few new caches near our home.

Fortunately, the weather collaborated and we had a sunny albeit cool day. The girls gathered on the trampoline while we waited for all to arrive.  Once all the confirmed guests were here we instructed the kids on how to play the game.

We split the group into two teams and assigned them different geocache locations and a clue sheet. The evening prior, Todd and I hid four caches around the neighborhood for the party.

The first group headed towards the cemetery, while the other walked to the end of our street. We hid two caches at the cemetery and a third at the Davis' property. It took the girls approximately 45 minutes to get all of the clues and collect the prices along the way.

After they were all back to the house, Emilia opened presents, ate cake and jumped on the trampoline until all the kids left.