Sunday, June 5, 2016

SoJo Summer Fest

We love attending South Jordan Summer Fest each June. Neither Todd nor I love going to amusement parks. Because of my health, a lot of the rides affect my balance and make me really sick. Todd is the same way whenever he goes on any rides that spin in circles. 

The summer fest is perfect. A majority of the rides are geared towards small children and none are too scary. 

This year we attended on opening night - when all of the rides are $1. Each of the kids chose three rides they wanted to experience.

Stella's first ride was the caterpillar. At first, the movement concerned her, but by the second time around she was having a good old time. I loved the picture of her worried face. It doesn't happen very often.

 She spent another ticket riding the space ship. It was a slow ride that moved the space ship up and down while rotating around a central axis. She loved spinning the steering wheel as if she was driving.

All three kids  went on the fastest ride to date. Carson and Stella were to small to ride alone, so Todd conceded and agreed to ride with them. The kids love it. Todd felt sick the rest of the evening :(

Carson and Emilia climbed the pirate ship obstacle course and rode the super slide. Carson loved the tall slide. He told us he caught air on the last bump. It wasn't high enough to be visible on video, but I'm sure it happened. 

After the rides we purchased two waffles from Waffle Love. A food truck vendor with a physical store in Utah county. I've heard of them and wanted to see what they were all about. We ordered their berries and cream waffle and their churro waffle with cream.The waffles were delicious, but a bit too pricey for what you get.