Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rocky Mouth Falls Hike

I have set a personal goal to go hiking more this summer. We did several hikes as a family last summer, but the weekends tend to get busy and we didn't get to explore as many as I had hoped.

For my birthday I received a book called "60 hikes within 60 miles of Salt Lake City." The hikes are categorized in various ways including 'Best hikes for children.'

This is my third time hiking Rocky Mouth Falls. I've done it as a date with Todd, I've done it alone with the kids. This time I invited some other moms to join me. There were four moms and 15 children. We were quite a group!

Carson enjoyed hiking and climbing rocks with his two older cousins. Stella went back and forth between Bennett and her friend Sienna.

Our kids received some hiking sticks for Christmas last year. This was their first time using them. They weren't a lot of help to them on this hike but they felt pretty official wearing their gear. Especially Carson who was carrying the camel bag with water.

I carried Andrew on my back without a problem. Between his weight and the gear, I figured I was carrying around 30 lbs. The hardest thing was making sure I kept balanced and that I accounted for the extra space whenever I was hiking around trees.

He did pretty good. At one point he even fell asleep on it. Although, we started fussing and was really glad to be done when we got back to the car.

Everyone there had a great time. Now I'm looking for our next hike!