Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorial Day

This year I decided to take the kids to the Memorial Day commemoration held at the cemetery behind our home.

The kids learn about veterans and the reason for Memorial Day at school each year through a special assembly that the administration puts together.

I figured that since they older two already understand the meaning for the holiday, we should actually celebrated its reason on Memorial day instead of just playing or working in the yard.

The Riverton veterans chapter organized the meeting. It was a dignified affair, with a flag ceremony, the singing of the National Anthem and several poems.

The kids were especially excited to hear Taps played with a real beuble instead of a trumpet.

The ceremony concluded with at 21 gun salute. I had to admit, I was a bit worried to see that the men holding the rifles could hardly hold themselves up due to age. I was afraid they were not going to be able to lift the rifles high enough and accidentally hurt themselves or someone next to them (especially the gentleman at the end). But it all worked out nicely.

The kids were startled by how loud the shots sounded. Afterwards, we were given two bullet casings to keep as souvenirs.  The kids loved that.

When they arrived home, Todd taught Carson how to use the casing as a whistle. Bad idea :) Carson could not get enough of it.

After the ceremony was over, we spent the afternoon at the McHenry's for a barbecue. It was so enjoyable to visit with friends and neighbors without having to play host or clean up. It is the best.