Sunday, June 5, 2016

Emilia's Birthday Party

Emilia celebrated her birthday while we were in Tokyo. It took me a month, but she finally got a friends birthday party.

It was not as elaborate as some other parties I've held, but because of it's simplicity she was able to invite a lot more kids than usual. All in all we had 17 kids at the house (and not everyone she invited came).

Emilia absolutely loves the movie Book of Life so that is what we played. There were two kinds of kids at the party. A few who had never seen it and the greatest majority who can quote every line. It was so much fun to sit in the theater room with them and listen to them quote the dialog and sing along to every song. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

First the girls had a picnic in the back yard. We served pizza and juice, had cake and opened presents.

Afterward, they all went downstairs to take their picture in the photo booth and hit the concession stand before the movie.

Who knew I could fit 17 kids and 2 adults in our movie room? With the fan going and the doors open we were able to keep the temperature pretty manageable.

Carson, the only boy in the whole group, was a great sport and participated in most activities. After the show each kid got to take home a thank you treat. I wrapped cotton candy in red and black tissue paper and affixed a tag that read "Reel glad you could come."

I loved how little set up, clean up and entertaining it took. That's my kind of party!