Sunday, June 5, 2016

Doors Staining

Our 15 year old front door needed some TLC. Some of the paint was starting to chip off on the bottom and the white color just blended with the brick and the rest of the house. So I decided to stain it.

The door is actually metal and has a smooth flat texture so the trickiest part was painting it so that it would look like wood.

After a good wash with the pressure washer, I painted the door beige. I used a brush and tried to show deliberate strokes. After the paint had dried, I went back through with a coat of java and one of antique walnut stain. I let the door dry for 24 hours between each coat. At the end of the process, I sealed it with a coat of poliurethane sealant.

I was so pleased by the way it turned out that I decided to do the garage doors as well.

The process was the same. The garage doors where also white to begin with, but fortunately they already had a wood grain texture to them so although the surface area was much larger, the process was a lot easier.

The weather was perfect last week - overcast and mild temperatures.  So I was able to spend some time outside working on it without worrying that the color was going to dry too fast.

The color has made such a difference in the appearance of our home. I love it!