Sunday, February 7, 2016

Midway Utah Ice Castles

This year, instead of our usual Saint George get away we opted for a winter trip to Heber and Midway to see the ice castles and go tubing at Soldier Hollow. 

We timed our visit at the ice castles so we could see them in daylight and once the sun had gone down. The kids were a bit apprehensive at walking through the entrance tunnel but that was short lived. As soon as we exited on the other side we were in an open area with a fountain in the center surrounded by entrances to many other areas in the castle.

There were a lot of people visiting with us. So we had to constantly count heads to make sure we had everyone with us. There were a lot of little hiding spots for the kids to crawl into and disappear into a completely different room of the castle.

Do you know how when you go hiking with kids the little ones always pick up rocks and sticks along that they carry with them for the remainder of the hike? Well it was the same at the ice castle. The kids were collecting chunks of fallen ice from the ground and carrying them everywhere they went. At least these melted so we didn't have to take them home.

Little Andrew was not a happy camper for the first part of our visit. He just fuss and cried non stop - which is really out of character for him. He was just so tired. He doesn't like to be held when he's that sleepy. Unfortunately there just wasn't a place to set him down for him to fall asleep. There ground was covered with snow and broken down ice so strollers were not allowed. In the end he gave up and fell asleep in my arms. I did see a family carry a sled with them. Maybe next time!

There were two slides for visitors to ride. One was geared primarily for children. The second was for all ages. The line to the second one was so long, it just wasn't worth the wait so we just let the kids ride the little slide several times.

The castle ice formations were really neat to look at but after a while they looked all the same. In fact, it was kind of difficult for me to orient myself because they all looked so similar. 

On our way out we stop to get our picture with Ana and Elsa, the characters from the Disney animated movie Frozen.  Stella was really looking forward to visiting their castle and was thrilled to get to meet them in person!