Friday, February 5, 2016

Emilia's Yellow Belt Exam

Emilia decided to take Karate classes with her brother and a friend this summer after going to some of his practices.

She has been working hard on memorizing the different kata combinations to earn the eight stripes required to advance to a yellow belt. She finally passed them all off last week, just in time for the test.

It's neat to see her younger brother coaching her instead of the other way around.

On Saturday, January 30th we attended her belt exam. It was a little different than Carson's. This time they were testing all belts levels, so there were a ton of families and kids in attendance.

It was really neat to see the higher belts perform their katas - especially those with weapons.

Emilia did wonderful! Carson has thee more stripes to test for his orange belt but I wouldn't be surprised if Emilia catches up to him. She is older than him so she has better coordination and memorization skills. I've also already learned the katas so it's easier for me to practice with her. With Carson, I have to learn them along side him and them practice at home.We'll see!