Thursday, February 18, 2016

Princess and Pirate Birthday Party


A princess birthday party is a must for any little girl. Stella decided to add a twist and make it a Princess and Pirate party. She invited some of her favorite people to come join the fun.

The party was set up as a quest for the little pirates and princess to reach the castle and retrieve the treasure.  They followed a large treasure map showing them the way to their destination. Their first stop was pirate bay where they had to feed the shark ping pong balls.

Afterwards they had to walk the plank and avoid falling into shark infested water. It was the favorite game for sure!

After all of that walking, our darling princess' feet were sore so they decided to stop by a cobbler to switch the princess slipper with something more comfortable. They all sat in a circle in the theater room and played pass the slipper ( a version of hot potato) while listening to Disney princess music.

Once they were done the kids traveled across gem lake and collected precious stones to pin on the crown. Their last destination was Gold Pass, a narrow strait through very tall mountains and the only way to reach the castle. Along the way they search for gold found everywhere in these mountains.

Once they reached the castle the kids were treated to a feast of cupcakes and other delicacies and they got to collect their own birthday goody bags while Princess Stella opened her presents.