Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stella's Birthday Celebrations

 Why have a birth-day when you can have a birth-week?

Stella celebrated her fourth birthday for almost a week this year. On Friday, her actual birthday we made her a special dinner. She LOVES potatoes and will eat a large one, piled up with cheese and sour cream all by herself. So that's what we had.

Afterwards we sang happy birthday and had cupcakes for dessert. It must have been a while since we sang happy birthday because she forgot to wait until after we were finished to blow out her candle. So we had to re-light it and start over again.

Good thing she got to practice at home, seeing how she had to blow her birthday candle two more times :)

On Saturday she had a birthday party with all of her friends and then on Sunday we hosted the February family birthday dinner. Stella shares her birthday month with an aunt and cousin. Even more special is the fact that she shares her birthday with her grandma. We celebrated their birthdays all together at our house.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to host the February dinner. We usually gather with Todd's family on the second Sunday of every month for dinner at his parent's house. There are 23-26 people who attend every month. We thought it would be nice to relieve his mom of all of the work that goes along with hosting the dinner on the month she celebrates her birthday, so we gather out our house instead.

Finally on Wednesday this week she celebrated her birthday at Mrs Angela's preschool with Owl cupcakes.

After a whole week of celebrating, she is officially 4 years old!