Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby on Board!

Due to some unexpected turn of events we are taking care of my five month old nephew Andrew. We have been his principal care takers for over a month. It's been quite an adjustment to go back to the baby phase of car seats and sleepless nights. He's such an easy going guy that's impossible to get upset about it.

I've been around several friends whose babies are a similar age and it's incredible to see the difference in personalities Nothing bothers him for long and he only cries if he is hungry, really tired or on his tummy.

My kids have been doting on him since he joined our family, which has made my work even lighter. They want to feed him, bathe him, play with him and rock him to sleep - anything to help Andrew (except for changing his diaper).

His smiles are the best and he shares them freely with most anyone.

At five months of age he weights over 20 lbs and fills up his entire rear facing car seat. At this rate, I don't know how he'll fit for another six months.
My arms are sure getting a workout!

Over the last month Andrew began to play with toys and eat baby food. His favorite flavor is apple. He doesn't care much for prunes or carrots.

He is still a support sitter, but is getting better at balancing and tips over less and less.

Andrew is getting better at rolling from his back to his stomach but hasn't figured out how to roll onto his back again. We can tell every time he does it, because out of the blue he'll start screaming or crying.

He tends to turn his head to the left, so the back of his head is flat on one side. Since we've had him, we've been working with him to remedy it. Although it didn't hurt, he used to hate turning his head to the right. Now he can turn his head both directions without a problem. The back of his head is still not perfectly round but I think it will continue to improve over time.

We are unsure how long we'll be fortunate enough to have Andrew with us, but we've been enjoying every minute of it.