Monday, January 4, 2016

Theater Room

Winter break was all about home improvement projects. In addition to the solar panel install and the organized playroom area we spent some time converting one of the rooms into a home theater.

The white walls were replaced by burgundy with a gray accent wall and ceiling. The paint alone made a huge difference.  The next step was to build a platform to raise the second row couch. It had to be sturdy enough to sustain the weight of a couch with several adults on it. Todd ended up placing 2"x 8" every 18"and covering them with plywood. He also ran some electrical outlets to the front to power the reclining couch. Fortunately Home Depot was able to make most of the cuts saving us quite a bit of work.

Stella accompanied Todd to the store to buy the wood. She really didn't care for the sound of the saw cutting wood. The man helping them was kind enough to loan her a pair of noise suppressing headphones.

The next step was carpeting the riser. We considered several options but ended up choosing a low pile office type carpet. We glued it directly to the plywood and placed several heavy weights on it to make sure it stuck.  24 hours later we were ready to place furniture on it.

We still had to run all of the video and audio wire from various places around the room to the AV stand. There are two outer walls so there was no way to run them behind the wall. We ended up opting for wire covers and painting them to match the color of the wall and trim.

The last thing Todd did was set up an LED light strip on the riser. It is connected with a switch on the wall that he added and comes with a remote so we can choose the color and brightness of the light.

there are still a few touches we need to do, but we've been enjoying our theater a lot the last couple of weeks.