Friday, January 1, 2016

Basement Family Room

Todd had the week between Christmas and New Years off from work. It has been nice to have him around to help with several projects. 

He thinks that working at the office is a lot less demand than the work I ask him to do. Every day is something else... He is probably right.

My mom was occupying the basement apartment in our home. Since her move, we decided to reclaim that space for us and have converted her bedroom into a theater room and the large family room into a playroom area.

One of the things that have been bothering me for a while is the fact that my kids do not touch the children's books we have at home because they don't know what we have. So, they are all randomly shoved into two bookcases where they are an eye sore.

After much pondering I decided to have four 10' ledges line one of the walls and place the books there.

I priced the ones Ikea sells and it was going to cost me $150 dollars to get what I wanted. More than what I wanted to spend. So I showed Todd what I envisioned and he built them for me.  They turned out great!

Even with 40 liner feet of space, I could not fit every book, so I had to select which ones I wanted to keep and which I wanted to store elsewhere or donate.

We had a few doubles, some baby books my kids had outgrown and some who had been given to us that were not in very good shape. Once all the sorting was done, it was time to place them on the shelves.

I love the way they turned out and the flexibility they give me to put whatever I want on it. When my kids outgrown kids books I will be able to place frames, decor or who knows what else on them. I'm so glad I have a talented and willing husband that makes my ideas a reality.