Friday, January 1, 2016

Emilia's Braces

In August Emilia went to the orthodontist to correct a problem with her smile. Her jaw was too small for all of the adult teeth that were coming in so they were all competing for space which resulted in very crooked teeth and some growing behind her existing ones.

It is a six month process which began with her having a spacer placed in her mouth to widen her jaw bone. On the roof of her palate was a dial connected to her appliance. Each night, for 21 days, we insert a key into the exposed grove in the dial and crank it a full turn.

By the end of the 21 days her front teeth had separated enough to create a gap between them. Over time the gap disappeared as the adjoining teeth took the newly created space and pushed her incisors back together.

The last phase of her treatment, and the most noticeable one, was when she got braces. The brackets are on her six top teeth. They will ensure that those teeth that were coming in crooked end up in the right place.

She might still need braces as she gets older. But if so, the treatment will be a lot shorter and won't require her to have teeth pulled - a very real possibility if we didn't have this done.