Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Avenue of the Giants and Trinidad California (July 2015)

During our stay in California we spent several days in a vacation rental in Trinidad California. It is a darling little coastal town in Humbolt County. The views of the harbor and the beaches were phenomenal. The weather is really mild through out the year. It rarely gets to 70 F during the summer months. 

We weren't prepared for such cooler temperatures so our beach experience there was rather limited. Rather than playing in the water we hiked along the beach and to different view points. The kids still got in the water and played some. The colder temperatures didn't affect them as they did me.

Trinidad is right between Redwood national park and Avenue of the Giants. Many of the original redwood trees were cut down during the early 1900's. An exception is Avenue of the Giants. A stretch of protected road with some very old and very tall redwood trees. 

The visitor center has a cross section of a tree cut out with indicators of important historical events that happened during the tree's life all the way back to 1,000AD. 

The location for the tallest tree know in the region has been kept a secret. A giant tree, which was believe for many years to be the tallest is still marked and accessible to tourists. It's tops are so high that it is really hard to gauge how tall the tree really is.