Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stake Riverwalk Carnival

After hiking four miles to Stewart Falls and back we headed back home to attend our 3rd annual Riverwalk Stake Carnival. Each year it has gotten better and better. This year they set up an obstacle course area.

After recharging from the hike with some cotton candy the kids spent the majority of their time trying to beat their previous times on the obstacle course. I wished I had that kind of energy!

Right next to the entrance to the obstacle course was a water balloon launcher. Stella helped me aimed it at the kids but it backfired and got us both really wet. My shirt was soaked and Stella's face and hair were really wet as well.

Todd pitched three baseballs towards a target as fast as he could. His best score was almost 47 mph. I don't see how professional players can pitch at twice that speed. It's crazy to be standing at the receiving end of those balls.

My favorite photo of the whole evening was the one of Carson and Stella arm around each other racing together to the finish line of a three legged race. It really shows the love that the two have for each other. This last two years with Emilia a school most of the day, Carson and Stella have become really good buddies. Carson especially is a great older brother to his baby sister.

It was fun for the kids to visit and play with their neighbor friends. Claire is a good friend of Emilia. They spent a lot of the evening doing the various activities together.