Sunday, June 28, 2015

South Jordan Country Fest

 Each year the city of South Jordan holds its annual Country Fest the first weekend in June. This is the one time each year the kids get to go on rides. We buy enough tickets for them to do three rides of their choice.

The kids all loved the caterpillar ride and the car merry go round. They are pretty apprehensive about trying anything that seems thrilling. They were OK riding the caterpillar but only Emilia rode on the Dragon (the same ride, just a different picture on the side). 

Stella loved riding the ladybug ride. She kept looking for us on the ground and waving as she passed us.

Carson chose to do the Pirate obstacle course. At the very end there is a slide that takes you about 25 feet down to the ground as you reach the bottom there is an inflatable cushion you bounce off to exit the ride. Carson loves the ride and does it every year and every year he bounces off and inevitably lands on his rear end. I think that's his favorite part :)

After the carnival rides we walked to another area where they had free bounce houses and other games. Emilia and Carson had a lot of fun trying to run as far as possible before the elastic strap attached to the vest recoiled and pulled them back. We even pulled their arms so they would go as far as possible. Both flew backwards and landed with their legs up in the air.