Sunday, June 28, 2015

Emilia's Second Grade Culminating Event

Emilia's last day of second grade was June 12th. It has only been two weeks and yet so much has happened!

Her grade hard their year end culminating event on June 3rd. The kids performed most of the songs they learned through out the year during a one hour presentation themed after the movie Night at the Museum. Emilia and two other students got to lead the song "Evaporation".

At the end of the program the kids displayed flags that represented where their ancestors came from. Emilia chose Poland for her maternal great grandmother.

The last day of school was also the last time we are carpooling with the Abinavam family. They have been so great! Sneha is going to be attending Junior High at a different APA campus.

This fall my second oldest will be starting Kindergarten so I will be spending a lot of time driving them to and from school each day.

Emilia's teacher this year was Ms. Pereira. She is actually a teaching coach who stepped in to help Emilia's original teacher who had a premature delivery. Once her baby left the NICU, the teacher decided to stay home with him for the year and Emilia had Ms. Pereira full time for the remainder of the year.

All APA teachers are amazing  but I've really enjoyed Ms. Pereira. I loved her British accent and her humor with the kids. She has been teaching a long time and really knows how to engage, motivate, encourage, challenge the kids in her class.

With this year wrapped up we are ready for our long awaited summer break!