Friday, May 8, 2015

Family History Discovery Center

On Monday, the kids visited the newly opened Family History Discovery Center. We had a lot of fun looking up information about Todd's ancestors. We were issued a tablet to take around to the different areas. 

We used his login information to look things up. So, although he wasn't there with us (he was in Chicago for business for the week), he was emailed photos and information about what we had learned as soon as we left the museum. 

The kids were given explorer hats and a messenger bag with thing to do. They were going on an exploration back in time to learn about their ancestors.

The kids favorite thing to do by far was to get their face super imposed over a photo of a person dressed in clothes traditional to their country.  Emilia dressed as a polish girl, my maternal grandma's family is from Poland. Carson dressed as an Italian. No direct family history there, although I did spend a lot of years in Italy.

Outside the museum was an area for the kids to do crafts and for little ones to play. Stella and her cousin had a great time having tea.