Monday, April 20, 2015

Sping weather: Wind and Snow

Emilia told me a joke yesterday. If spring showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? Pilgrims!

Well, in our case they bring swimming suits one week and snow gear the next.

Tuesday was a really windy day. That evening as Todd was turning off lights and checking doors before going to bed he noticed the reflection of what looked like police car lights off of some homes across the cemetery field past our back yard. There were also a couple of people with Maglites scanning the around the area. Since the kids were already in bed and my mom was home we decided to drive past the front of those homes to see what was going on. 

It wasn't the police but rather two Rocky Mountain Power trucks with utility workers working on repairing a transformer. About 45 minutes later the power went off at our house and it remained off for 18 hours. The wind knocked down the cross arm on the power pole which hit the transformer and caused it to catch on fire burning the unit and part of the pole. More the fifty homes were without power, but the damage was not as significant as in other areas so the utility workers left without fixing the problem and it took them the greater part of a day to get back to us. 

I had a neighbor who is an accountant and works from home who was none too happy to have lost power on his busiest day of the year. He ended up running an extension cord from another house across the street that still have power so he could work.

We had more snow fall last Wednesday, April 15, than we have had during the first three months of the year combined. For a second time since Christmas the kids put on their winter clothes and went outside to built forts, castles and of course, snowmen.

Twenty four hours later the snow was all melted and all that was left of our snowmen was a little mound of snow with two branches sticking out of its sides.