Friday, May 8, 2015

Emilia's birthday

Emilia celebrated her eight birthday at the end of April. It was a week of celebration for Emilia. She opened presents at Grandma and Grandpa Humphries house on Sunday, April 19. During piano lessons earlier in the week she mentioned that she wished to go on a present hunt. We usually to that for larger presents that are hard to wrap. 

Grandma & Grandpa's present to Emilia was hidden in the laundry room inside the dryer. She had to follow several clues to find the microscope. One of her most favorite presents. On Sunday we also celebrated Grandpa Humphries birthday. Their birthdays are only one day apart.

While Emilia was at school the kids and I made a large banner wishing her a happy birthday and taped it to the garage. The day was windy and rainy so it was really hard to put up, but she loved seeing it when she arrived home from school.

She requested a chocolate cake with pink frosting for her birthday. Todd, who left for Chicago on Sunday before we celebrated Emilia's birthday with family, baked her the cake.

On the day of her actual birthday, Emilia was at school most of the day. Todd flew back home that day and was home to meet her when she arrived. I think that alone made her day. We decided to open her presents before dinner and then went out to Outback Steak house.  My steak was delicious!

After dinner we took Emilia to Deseret Book for her to pick a scripture tote and a CTR necklace. She chose a CTR pendant that changes colors with your body temperature/mood.