Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Easter celebrations

On Saturday we went to Grandma H's house to color Easter eggs with all the cousins. Each of the kids colored eight eggs. The eggs turned out so cute that the kids don't want us to eat any of them. We finally reached a compromise. We will use up every one's eggs equally. So now they check the fridge to make sure they have the same number of eggs left as everyone else. 

On Sunday the Easter bunny filled the kids baskets with candy and a bubble blowing gun. The same kind I picked as a golden egg prize for the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt a few days earlier.The prize Carson was pining over that entire afternoon. The Easter Bunny must have been listening :)

We let Stella, our youngest, find the first three eggs before her older siblings got a chance to look for eggs themselves. They still finished before Stella did, which meant she was left having to look for the hardest eggs of all. 

Note to self for next year: Allow Stella to find ALL of her eggs before the older siblings look for theirs.

Happy Easter!