Saturday, April 4, 2015

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

For the last two years our neighborhood has had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Last year it was held in a circle a couple of streets over and the ladies there graciously hosted. It didn't seem like it was going to happen this year so I volunteered to organize it. That was before I knew I was going to be called into the Primary and that my free time would be significantly less. It was still a great opportunity to meet some of the kids and their parents, who I don't usually see. 

With the help of my friend Sally and a lot of other neighborhood moms we made flyers, signs, invited all the neighbors and stuffed a lot of eggs. We asked each family that participated to contribute a dozen eggs. We have such generous neighbors, many donated a lot more.

Sally has about an acre of grass up front that we dedicated to kids 0-3 and 4-6 years old. The back of her property is connected to her neighbors the Willey family who have another .5 acres where we hid eggs for all the kids 7 and up.

After some brief instructions we opened the gate into Sally's yard and let the kids run in. It was a stampede of kids, all so very excited to look for eggs. 

The youngest group went first. We have such great kids and parents. They made sure their children stayed within the designated areas and that they waited their turns. It took the little ones about 10 minutes to find all of the eggs. 

Then the second group (4-6 years old) began their search. Each age group had a special golden egg hidden in their section. Whoever found the egg won a special prize.  Carson helped me pick the prize at the store and was really disappointed when he wasn't the one to find the golden egg. More than disappointed in fact. He had a total melt down and cried about it there and when we got home. Poor guy, life is so tough ;)

Lastly it was the oldest group to go through. Surprisingly, they were actually the largest group. Which I will have to keep in mind if I chose to do this again next year. We probably had about 45-50 kids there, plus their parents.

One of the best things for our kids was having all of their cousins there. Some of them were able to stay afterward and play for a little while. Which is always the highlight of their day.

Missing in this group shot are Bennett, who is actually hiding behind Stella (can you spot his green basket?) and Carson who was still pouting because he didn't find the golden egg.