Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rolling on the Parkway

Yesterday I took advantage of the gorgeous weather we have been enjoying and decided to take the two younger ones on an adventure on the Jordan River Parkway.

We loaded up the scooters, helmets and water and took a stroll from Mulligans to Shields Ln. On our adventure we spotted several large bird nests, ducks, geese, several insect and even a snake slithering along the path. Carson was rolling full speed on his scooter when he suddenly stopped without any notice. I was a few steps behind him with Stella. When I caught up to him he pointed to a brown snake a few inches away from his front wheel crossing the road. We waited for it to disappear on the other side before continuing on our way.

The kids did excellent all the way to the tunnel that travels below Shields Ln. which was approx. 1. 5 miles from our car. The way back was more difficult. At one point I was carrying both scooters on my shoulders while the kids walk along side me. I couldn't convince them that walking required more effort than riding their scooter.

There are mile markers all along the path, so we just made it a game to find the next one until we were back to the car.