Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Natural Curiosity Museum

In January our family decided to get an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point. With the pass we now have unlimited access to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, the Gardens, Farm and Museum of Ancient Life. It has been the best investment EVER!

So far, we have spent the all of our time in one single spot: The Museum of Natural Curiosity.

It took us three trips, each multiple hours long, to finally visit everything the museum has to offer. We all have our favorite spots.

The  Amazon Jungle with hanging bridges are a favorite among all. 

The Motion Matters exhibits also has some fun things for the kids to do. Generating light by pedaling a stationary bike is always a fun challenge for the older kids. It takes quite a bit of effort to light up all five bulbs. 

The spinning table also teaches the kids how objects at different distance from the center, travel at various speeds. The farther from the center, the faster you go. The kids just love trying to bump the balls out of bounce.

The Waterworks exhibit is designed to look like a ghost town in southern Utah. It is unexpected to have permanent water exhibit of that size indoor. There is water spraying, dripping and flowing everywhere. We haven't done much there yet because I keep forgetting to bring a change of clothes for the kids.

Another fun are is Kidopolis, a kid size town with a library, bank, train station, vet, music and dance studios, cafe, laundromat, train station, magic shop, and many other buildings.

Last, but by no means least, are the outdoor gardens. We have only ventured out a couple of times so far because of the weather but I am looking forward to March 28th, when the entire gardens are opening up.