Sunday, March 29, 2015

Museum of Ancient Life

Last week I took the two youngest kids to Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Ancient Life. It was a quick trip between Preschool and Big Sis. carpool pick up, but since I am now a member, it really didn't matter, the kids knew we could come back at any time.

Their favorite thing? The tunnel through space. By far! It is crossed through a suspended bridge floating inside a completely dark tunnel. The only light comes from tiny white lights all around you, including below you. It's supposed to represent the vastness of the Universe and the many stars and planets in it. The kids were a bit apprehensive about stepping into it at first, but once they went through it once, they wanted to keep going through again and again. At the end of our visit we had to re-enter the exhibit so that they could do it one last time.

The wet sand area and the magnetic wall were also a favorite of the kids. I learned a few things myself (no surprise there). Did you know that not all living creatures that lived during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Period are dinosaurs? There are several qualifying criteria to be identified as as such.

Their legs have to be below the pelvis, not to the side (like alligators). The skull must have at least two holes behind the eyes, and they must dwell primarily on the ground (no sea creatures). Who knew?