Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stella's Third Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is three years old! We celebrated her birthday at our house together with our family members who share their birthday February.

Her favorite gift by far is a pink scooter with a removable pink unicorn stick horse that she received from Grandma H. One month later and she still rides it daily around the house and occasionally outside now that the weather is warming up.

My fearless princess loves to dance, play dress up, ride her scooter, play with balls and to listen to a good book. Her and her older brother get along so well and have bonded much these last two years since Emilia is at school much of the day.

She loves Emilia's friends and has made some of her own friends as well. Caitlin, a little girl a couple of months younger than Stella has become a good buddy.

Since last year, she is also allowing me to style her hair although she still doesn't care for bows.

Her favorite food is chicken nuggets. Her favorite color is Purple, followed closely by Pink.

At her 3 yo. check up she measured 36.7 inches and her weight was 28 lbs 4 oz. She is tall and thin, just like her daddy.

The birthday girls