Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

When I was going through the Halloween photos Todd had taken of the kids and I came across this one, I started laughing so hard tears started rolling down my cheeks. Carson's look just cracks me up. I don't know how he does it but he always has the funniest facial expressions in the family. Since he was a baby. Remember this one?

We have a neighbor who loves Halloween and who really goes all out each year. Todd recorded it this year. There is just no way to even attempt to decorate for the holiday. It just doesn't even compare.

Because of their house, we get a lot of trick-or-treat-ers at our house on Halloween. That part I love!

Years ago I crochet three trick-or-treat bags for the kids to use each year. I figure, the costumes change each year but the bags will stay. 

My youngest daughter thinks all I make are hats because as soon as she saw her bag she placed it on her head without giving it a second thought.

Another of our annual traditions is carving pumpkins as a family. This year we helped Carson and Emilia with their pumpkins. Stella enjoyed running around Grandma's house and eating candy.  To her credit, she did stick her hand and got some pumpkin guts out once.

Emilia chose a picture of three jack-o-lanterns. Carson carved a bat flying in front of a lit window. (Top left corner of the photo). Both were cute, easy and quick; perfect for their ages.